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Most business owners running multi-million dollar companies work ridiculous hours and feel trapped in their business.

Starting a business is easy.  Running a business and growing it is hard. What started out as a fire in your core and a clear vision often ends up feeling like a trap. The long hours and unrelenting demands of your business can leave you feeling like a boat without a rudder. The life you want to live and the business you want to lead is within your grasp--if you’re ready to change.

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Your path to growth is easier than you think

Make more money and free up your time with the Osher Group


Find an extra $1M+ in revenue

We’ll help you uncover opportunities for new revenue streams within your existing business


Work less. Lead more

Imagine leading the pack instead of managing pack drama and constantly putting out fires


Get back 20+ hours of your week

Picture a gift of time added back to your life NOW.  How will you invest this time and what life awaits you?

Your Business Should Be Your Masterpiece, Not Your Ball and Chain

We get it.  Business isn’t easy.  It’s frustrating to feel stuck, and it’s tempting to quit. We pushed through and figured it out the hard way, but looking back, we wish we had some guidance and a coach along the way.

The Osher Group exists to help businesses and their owners thrive. We help people overcome their challenges--the problems any business faces--and fall in love with their business again.

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break through

Business Owners, Like You, Are Winning

nick shaw photo

"In our initial 9 months working with The Osher Group, we've seen our revenue double.”

Nick Shaw, CEO Renaissance Periodization

amir ahdout photo

"The Osher Group helped us grow our top line 8-figure revenues by 40% over the last 12 months.”

Amir Ahdoot, CEO Deuce Entertainment

mike and molly photo

“The Osher Group helped us add millions of dollars to our top line revenues and free up more of my time. ”

Mike Torres, CEO MTI Education

What can you expect when working with us?

You can exhale, knowing that you’re about to find your way to where you want to be. You’re going to feel more free than you have in years. You will learn exactly where the new revenues are hiding in your business and how to unleash them. You will find a holistic approach to your business where you will flourish along with it.

You’re going to find more time, find more money, and find a more fulfilling life.

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“Working with The Osher Group over the years has been fundamental to my growth and clarification of my purpose in my business. I found renewed energy and creativity, and now my work feeds mysoul as well as my bottom line."

Dr. omid naim, co-founder la maida institute

3 Simple Steps That Will Reignite Your Business

number 1

Schedule an appointment

Complete the intake form and let us know what’s going on so we can better assist you.

number 2

We’ll craft a plan together

During our consultation, we will go through our 5P-Impact assessment tool to reveal your growth opportunities.

number 3

You’ll execute and get results

With a clear path to growth, you’ll make meaningful changes and see results within 90 days.

Eliminate the guesswork and Grow Again

Over the last 15 years we’ve helped our clients generate over $154M in new revenues and live the life they truly want to live. When you work with us, you’ll find:

  • More confidence as you grow your business with greater predictability
  • 20+ hours in your week you can use to spend more time with the people that matter most to you
  • That your profits will soar as you masterfully delegate, automate and eliminate your “trap list”
  • Yourself finally leading with vigor and vitality instead of feeling like you’re constantly lagging behind
  • That you’ll know where you’re going is by design and on purpose
  • Your business will help you get what you want out of life, instead of draining it away.

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Learn How You Can Defeat The #1 Reason Companies Fail to Break Through The $10M Ceiling.

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Don’t remain trapped at the expense of your profits

Don’t remain trapped at the expense of your profits, family time, and sense of purpose. Make your business your masterpiece and discover greater income, freedom, and fulfillment.

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