Learn how to be free,
Learn how to be free,
grow your income, grow your business and spend time on projects that matter to you with people you care about, without losing control, panicking, losing sleep, health or worrying about how you’re going to manage teams and new technology...

Benefits Of Working With Osher:
Increase revenues and profitability across the board. Identify new areas of growth and new revenues for the business.
Discover a clear path to success and strategy to execute on your vision. Reinvigorate your vision, mission, values and goals with power and energy that will attract the right people, opportunities and ideas.
Make better decisions faster with less effort and know that whatever you’re working is the perfect use of your time and energy.
Experience a calm, powerful confidence rise within you and your team as what matters most falls into place at the right time. Fronting, posing or pretending is no longer necessary.
Get the stuff done that matters and aligns with your reasons for having started this business in the first place.
Imagine knowing what’ll happen and why before it actually does take place. With proper planning, execution and alignment your efforts will give you a roadmap to success and deliver predictable cashflow and growth.
Unshackle yourself from being a business operator and grow into an business owner. Imagine spending time and energy with the people that matter doing the things you love and feed your soul. 
Experience a place of magnetically attracting the right resources, events, people and opportunities from a place of power vs. trying to force your way through business and life.
"Jonathan and The Osher Group helped us with our speed to market, intense focus on how & what we wanted to deliver, confidence in the method we’d chosen to make the world better, and unbridled faith we’d succeed. More importantly, we built something we’re passionate about, aligns with our core values and reaches millions of women that now can benefit from our expertise without having to wait in line for a spot to open on our coaching calendar."
- Paul Salter, CEO, Lotus
Is Working With Osher Right For You?
You tell us! Working with Osher Group is for you if...
  •  You're a business owner that wants more out of your life and business. 
  •  You are either the original founder or you bought a business and find yourself neck deep in operations and worries reaching for your original dream and aspirations. 
  •  You know that your business can be more and deliver more to yourself, your family and the stakeholders of the business: team members, partners, vendors, clients. 
  •  You know the business can become a power on its own standing and you want to see it flourish. 
  •   You are coachable, open to ideas, like to improve your mindset and explore new areas for growth. 
  •   You are more concerned about status quo, going nowhere or “same old same old” than you are concerned about the discomfort and potential risks that come with change. 
  •  You value results over your current comfort zone.
*Note: We're definitely not for you if you prefer light-hearted “hacks” 
+ staying in your comfort zone.
How To Get Started: 
Book Your Free Consultation With Jonathan Khorsandi.
(A $250.00 Value!)
If you’ve read this far and feel it is time for you to break through to the other side of the wall of uncertainty, doubt, fear and confusion, then we want to connect with you.
On the other side of that head-bruising wall awaits confidence, clarity and freedom. We invite you to set up a 30 minute free consultation call with Jonathan Khorsandi, a $250 value. Be ready to answer questions... questions that’ll reflect back your current state of affairs, much like a scale tells you your starting point before going on a diet. If that’s not what you’re looking for and you prefer light-hearted “hacks” then we’re not for you.
* But only apply if you're ready...
Hear What Our Clients Have To Say:
"He is the real deal... too often folks want to do "what's expected"... Jonathan made it clear from the moment I awarded the job that his motivation was my success... when impediments on the project implicated other skilled professionals, he immediately sprang into action and located other trusted experts to work through the challenges. Looking forward to doing more work together."
- Brad Murphy, CEO, GearStream
"Working with Jonathan and The Osher Group over the last 12 months helped me grow our top line 8-figure revenues by 25%. In addition to breaking through this barrier, we also learned how to dial in almost all 5 core areas of our business (Purpose, People, Product, Processes and Profits) which freed me up tremendously to focus my time on higher growth activities and relationships with key people in my life that matter most to me. Lastly, Jonathan delivered on his promises made over 12 months ago and held me accountable to what I truly wanted. More importantly he gave me the tools needed to bolster my mindset when needed so I could drop non-productive habits and form habits more aligned with my goals and values. I can confidently recommend Jonathan and The Osher Group to any business owner that wants meaningful and sustainable results in their business and life."
- Amir Ahdout, CEO, Deuce Entertainment
“Working with Jonathan over the years has been fundamental to my growth and clarification of my purpose in my business. The best thing he does is really listen and illuminate what is your core purpose and also what you do best, helping you uncover your greatest assets that you didn’t know you had. It’s his ability to link up productivity and growth with an alignment to the businesses’ and employee’s deeper purpose. That is really special, because one finds renewed energy and creativity, where you know you are actually doing work that feeds your soul as well as your bottom line."
 – Dr. Omid Naim, Co-Founder, LaMaida Institute
"I met Jonathan in December 2016 and have been working with him ever since. In our initial 9 months working with him and The Osher Group, we've seen our revenue double from what it was last year. Having somebody that is highly skilled in email marketing, automation, and a number of other business essentials is invaluable as it allows me to focus on what I'm good at and can know that the rest is being handled in the right manner. Our results have been so great that Jonathan and I are teaming up on some other projects as well. I'd highly recommend using Jonathan and Osher group."
 – Nick Shaw, CEO, Renaissance Periodization
Clients We've Worked With Include...

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