We teach business owners how to be free and flourish.
The word “Osher” has several layers of meaning and stems from the Hebrew language. It is most commonly translated as “happiness”, yet deeper research reveals a closer identity to the Greek word eudemonia which means human flourishing. 

Going one level deeper, scholars agree that Osher really means wealth and riches. 
Thusly, human flourishing is the path to greater wealth for all and we strive to help business owners fully flourish into wealth, inside and outside their businesses.
Jonathan Khorsandi

CSO (Chief Solution Officer)
Osher Group, Inc
“How Did You Know?” is a very common question I get followed by a stare, silence and then a follow up “so what’s next? what else can we do?”

I work very closely with my clients to identify opportunities for growth, whether it be within the business or within the leader in charge. After 22+ years of solving big problems, optimizing processes, automating sales and streamlining marketing I’ve developed somewhat of a 6th sense for removing roadblocks and raising awareness around clearly imminent opportunities. My chief responsibility at The Osher Group is to identify the key challenges and derive solutions for clients. Some call me the chief solutions architect which is a title I gladly wear. I am lucky to have access to a community of brilliant people that keeps me on the learning and discovery path.

While I am a geek at heart and love all kinds of technology I always strive for new innovative ways to help our clients succeed. Technology changes over time but solid strategy is timeless which is why clients stay with us for years.

When I’m not working I love spending time studying various knowledge systems whether they be new or ancient. My little family of four (my wife, two daughters, and myself) is my joy and gem from which I derive inspiration and drive.
 Our Mission:
We help business owners reach their full potential in business and in life by offering appropriate education, training, consulting and coaching.
Appropriate: We’ll meet you where you’re at and take you to where you want to be.
Education: We teach timeless concepts and ideas that have withstood the test of time and work across just about any industry.
Training: Our online courses teach you how to integrate and follow through on changes you want to make to your business and/or yourself.
Consulting: We’ll do a comprehensive 360 degree diagnostic assessment of your business and pinpoint the areas with maximum leverage for growth to help you transform your business.
Coaching: One on one coaching to help you, the business owner, break through whatever is holding you back and implement changes to your business and life.
Our Core Values:
Life and business is about expansion and contraction at various times. Learning is as much about adding (expansion) new skillset and mindset as well as subtracting non-essential and useless matter (contraction). We always strive to learn so that we may become better teachers for our clients.
Confidence inducing people and organizations display competence and we therefore believe that competence in all that we are and teach is a cornerstone of what we offer.
“Knowing what to do, when to do it and then actually doing it with the best of intentions and no attachment to outcome” is how we define empowerment. We strive to empower our clients, not make them dependent.
What was once only imagined by the few is now taken for granted and consumed by almost all of us. Imagination therefore is the source of innovation, inspiration and invention that strive to bridge the gap between what is and what could be.
Ideas, imaginations, visions and missions must all contain a core element of their own life independent of the person that gave birth to such. Much like great moments that turn to movements over time, a business owner sets out to solve a problem only to stumble upon a greater need that he/she is now commissioned to solve….it has taken on its own life and identity.
Our Goals by 2021:
Transform 10,000 businesses by 2021 in ways that are measurable and meaningful to the business owners and their clients.
Contribute $1,000,000 to organizations committed to children’s education in the areas of:
  •  Financial literacy
  •  Logic
  •  Self-discovery
  •  Responsible citizenship
Open retreat centers located in nature to help business owners unplug and re-commit to and reinvigorate their vision and purpose.
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